• Sales Representative

    Join NCPCVET and be part of a legacy where your growth is just as important as ours. We are passionate about and committed to providing customers with better and innovative solutions as well as high-quality services in a bid to help improve food safety and animal welfare. We know that when animal...
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  • NCPCVET Pet Drugs Listed

    NCPCVET Pet Drugs Listed

        The pet business division of NCPC was formally established in January 2018,with the strong research and development strength and advanced equipment of human medicine in North China Pharmaceutical Group, we will strive to build famous brands at home and abroad in the field of pet medicine, we...
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  • Gamithromycin eri

    Laipe, NCPCVET gba titun oògùn iwe eri fun awọn orilẹ-keji-kilasi titun ti ogbo drugs- "Gamithromycin" ati "Gamithromycin abẹrẹ." Gamithromycin ni a aramada ologbele-sintetiki macrolide aporo. Ni bayi, tylosin ati tilmicosin ti wa ni o gbajumo ni lilo bi ma ...
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