Gamithromycin Certification

Recently, NCPCVET won the new drug certification for the national second-class new veterinary drugs– “Gamithromycin” and ” Gamithromycin injection.”

Gamithromycin is a novel semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic. At present, tylosin and tilmicosin are widely used as macrolides. These drugs are used to prevent or treat respiratory diseases in cattle and pigs. They are usually fed with spices or drinking water. The effect of prevention or treatment requires multiple days of repeated administration. Although it has achieved good results, but with the extension of the use of time, there have been varying degrees of drug resistance in many places, with the increase in the amount of treatment is gradually reduced.

The injection of gamithromycin developed by NCPCVET is a preparation made by mixing, prefiltering, sterile filtration, and aseptic filling. It has the following advantages: First, a single dose of subcutaneous/muscular injection Intramuscular injection, single injection can solve the problem. The second is not only used to prevent cattle respiratory diseases, but also the exact effect of respiratory diseases in pigs. The third is powerful long-term effect, no side effects, efficacy is stronger than tylosin, tilmicosin and other widely used macrolide drugs. The fourth is the advantages of wide antibacterial spectrum, strong antibacterial activity, rapid absorption, high bioavailability, low residue, safety and high efficiency.

The successful application of this product will help optimize the industrial structure of China’s veterinary drug products, further meet the market demand, and enhance the market competitiveness of expedition veterinary drugs.

Post time: Jun-26-2018
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