NCPC’s omitevirumab injection was approved

NCPC’s omitevirumab injection was approved for marketing


North China Pharmaceuticals officially obtained the drug registration certificate of omitevirumab injection (Xunke®) issued by the State Drug Administration, marking the official approval of omitevirumab injection for marketing.

Olmotevirumab injection is a national first-class new drug. It is a recombinant human anti-rabies virus monoclonal antibody injection independently developed by North China Pharmaceuticals.

This product is mainly used in combination with human rabies vaccine to supplement the antibody gap in the active immunization process of human rabies vaccine, which can directly neutralize rabies virus in the body and play a passive immunization role.

It is used for rabies or other rabies virus susceptible animals. Passive immunity of patients with bites and scratches. Olmotevirumab injection is a leading biological product developed by North China Pharmaceutical with more than 30 years of advantages in biological drug research and development.

With the launch of omitevirumab injection, its same series of upgraded varieties, the rabies monoclonal antibody combination preparation NM57S/NC08, has also entered the phase II clinical trial stage.

As a leading active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and  finished dosage forms (FDFs) manufacturer in China, NCPC will, as always, adhere to the corporate tenet of “everything for human health”, and submit an excellent answer for the opening of a new era of passive rabies immune preparations in China.

Post time: Jul-21-2022
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