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NCPCVet, as a subsidary of  NCPC, offer you the one-stop medicine solution for intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), our own tablets, capsules and other finished dosage forms (FDFs), as well as any customizing, OEM, private lable services.

First established in 1958,North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation(NCPC) is in the “top 10 pharmaceutical enterprises in China” and the largest Chinese antibiotics manufacturer.

NCPC currently produces over 430 kinds of antibiotics, semi-synthetic antibiotics, pharmaceutical intermediates, synthetic vitamins, biotechnology products, veterinary and neutraceuticals both in bulk and in finished products.

NCPC sells bulk antibiotics 7,000 tonnes (6,900 long tons; 7,700 short tons), vitamins 10000 tons, antibiotic intermediates 7500 tons, powder for injection 1.8 billion vials, capsules 1.03 billion grains annually. The capacity of penicillin, streptomycin, 6-APA, amoxycillin, cefaradine, vitamin B100 are in the lead worldwide. (from wikipedia.org: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_China_Pharmaceutical_Group)


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